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An adoption story part 1

My wife and I began building our family in June of 2009 with the birth of our first son, Will.  He brought such life to our house we thought nothing could be better. As we continued our journey we soon realized that we were ready to have another child and in November of 2011 my wife gave birth to our 2nd son, Whalen.  Whalen was such a different and welcome change of pace in his first months of life because he was an extremely content baby where as Will was in need of constant attention for the first 6 months of his birth. After we all settled into our routine as a family it wasn’t long before my wife and I began talking about having a third child and the conversation of hoping to have a daughter came up.  My wife has a very close relationship with her mother and she wished to have a daughter to have the same type of closeness with a daughter. It’s completely understandable considering it’s in our nature as human beings to be close to one another. We soon were pregnant with our third child and in January of 2014 we were blessed with our third son, Weston. As happy as we were that we had another healthy child we both felt our family was still missing something.

We first started looking at domestic adoption and we heard stories about families adopting in the United States that would lose custody of the adopted children sometimes years later after significant attachment was already established was in deed, factual.  This scared both of us and we began to look abroad to adopt and narrowed our search to China and India. The reason for these choices was because both countries had long standing relationships with American families adopting children from their respective countries.  After further digging we decided on India was the better fit for us. In September of 2017 we reached out to an organization called Catholic Charities to begin the process of adding our little girl to our family. After a lot of paperwork, court hearings and a psychological evaluation on March 12th 2017 we were matched with a baby girl who resided in an orphanage in Hassan, Karnataka, India.

I will go much further in depth with the rest of this happy story so make sure you check back in on my next blog.  

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